Working together to create a new and
improved seed certification system

With concerns around their seed certification system and its ability to maintain high seed varietal quality, New Zealand Seeds Authority (NZSA) selected Ronin to work together to review and analyse the current process then design and deliver a new ‘fit-for-purpose’ seeds certification system.

Once selected Ronin undertook an initial review of the entire seed certification process from end-to-end. The findings of this review were presented to the Board along with a roadmap for a phased transition to a modernised system. While being fully accepted by the Board, the findings highlighted a dilemma. The Board realised NZSA is in the seed varietal business, not in the business of technology itself.

While technology is crucial to their success, NZSA is in the seed varietal quality business. They needed a partner who is in the technology business.

By listening and investing in understanding NZSA’s unique challenges Ronin worked together to bridge the needs of their business. As specialists in technology design and implementation Ronin have provided NZSA with an end-to-end solution that seamlessly enables their operation to improve and future-proof organisational processes and practices.


ronin group case graphic


NZSA and Ronin quickly formed a partnership and created a bespoke seed certification system over a two year timeline. The improved system has been designed, built and implemented in a phased approach to ultimately safeguard NZSA’s role in protecting the integrity of the seed industry by optimising standards and establishing conformity with procedures.